Monday, January 14, 2013

CCR Headcleaner EP Available NOW!

It was a long time coming but the Headcleaner's wax debut is finally available! A 12 minute extended player that might leave you slightly elevated...
Additionally there are a few copies of the Bloodhouse single still remaining, and both can be purchased together for only $10 ppd, for you valu-$averz out there.

All prices below are postage paid within the United States. If ordering from outside the USA, or for larger orders or wholesale, contact directly first at caesar.cuts AT

Thanks for listening!

Distros: Florida's Dying, Sorry State Records, Ebullition, X-Mist Records (Germany), Yellow Moon Records (Chile), Helta Skelta Records (Australia).

CCR Headcleaner - CCR Headcleaner 7"
$7.50 ppd

Bloodhouse - Please Don't Meet Me 7"
$6.00 ppd

Both 7"s
$10.00 ppd